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Originally Posted by lafromla1 View Post
All this talk brings me to the idea of bow hunting. Isn't that almost the same as using a .22? The deer just takes off and then you have to chase him down after an eternity of him running? That doesn't sound to humane to me. I have never bow hunted before but from what I see of it on outdoor shows, that is how it appears to me. Please correct me if I am wrong.

You are right there lafromla 1, but I would have to ask 1 question. Which makes a bigger wound opening the .22 or the broadhead??? I have never shot a deer with a .22 before(and I don't aim too.) I have shot a possum with a .22 cal. and the wound opening was no bigger than a nickle. I shot one a while back using some Carbon Express broadheads and the hole was about 1 and a half in wide. I think the broadheads would do more damage.

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