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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
does it work on dirt

hahahaha too funny...

I think the main point everyone on here is making Dirt-guy, is this... now days when we hunt we want to take a deer or any animal ethically. I guess it's a maturing behavior we posess, but non-the-less, we want to ensure we kill the animal quickly and as pain-free was we can. That way when our children are asking us "Daddy, why is that deer hanging his head with all that blood coming out of it's head? Why is it running away so fast?" OR "Daddy, why is that deer limping off so far away, are we ever going to find him/her?" Don't know about you guys, but those are two questions coming from a child that I don't want to answer. I want the question "WOW why was that so loud Daddy?" "because son, it's a high powered rifle that is designed to kill the deer quickly instead of slowly".

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