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The "Award Winning" Traditions Vortek is #1 in my book so I'd go for the Vortek hands down...

Vortek features you just can't overlook

Accelerator Breech Plug
Quick Release of Drop Out Trigger assembly for easy cleaning and maintence
Egronomic Alloy Frame is lighter weight and helps prevent rust
1:28" twist rifling
Stainless Steel barrels for added rust protection
209 shotgun primer ignition
PAS- Projectile Alignment System easy loading and more consistent groups
Fast action release button
Quick Relief Recoil Pad
Over-travel hammer
Over-molded stock and forend
Thumbhole stocks available
WilliamsTM metal fiber optic sights
Drilled & tapped for scope
Sling swivel studs
Solid aluminum ramrod
Soft Touch camouflage stocks
360 Degree Barrel Porting reduces muzzle jump
Extended ambidextrous hammer spur

Dual Safety System
Traditions™ Dual Safety System incorporates 2 safeties, making equipped guns some of the safest available muzzleloaders. A cross block trigger safety is built into the trigger guard, just like a standard rifle or shotgun safety. The second safety is built into the hammer and blocks the firing pin from igniting the primer if the trigger has not been pulled.

Clearly the Traditions Vortek matches all the Thompson center & cva features but add's a few to boot.

Good Luck with which ever one you choose!

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