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Originally Posted by whttailgal101 View Post
The only gun I have to use to hunt whittail is a .22 long rifle. I was wondering if anyony has any suggestions on where to shoot the deer. Iv been told by several to shoot in the head. Also what type of ammo should I use? I was told to get one with a solid point. Please give me som advise. I was also looking for an inexpensive scope and ideas?
Whoever told you to use a .22 caliber rifle to hunt deer with is obviously very inexperienced to hunting and clueless on weaponry effectiveness.
The list of proper hunting caliber choices is long and backed by a history of hunting effectiveness.
For beginners my advice would be to buy a weapon which is suited for the game you're after.
For Deer, the .243 caliber is a great starting caliber anything smaller, in most cases, only causes the shooter to fatally wound animals
and end up in unnecessary hunting situations.
Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.
Good Luck to you.

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