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I can't really add anything here because you're doing what needs to be done.

You're looking for Mr.Dominant, well you get Mr.Dominant the same way you get his Mr.Subordinate. The only Difference is the Subordinates are seen more because they are in most cases younger and learning the ropes, more apt to take risks enter open fields carelessly browse for food earlier, romp with the doe's BUT Mr.Dominant is schooled he has his position and knows whats what. so he doesnt need to move as much...
a Dominant bucks only concern is to breed, one thing I can point out is, PEAK Rut he's going to be close to the Doe's (AT All TIMES), during Peak rut he's only yards away from the Does, he has to stay close because when the Doe is ready he has to be ready and available he's always in a location where he has the smell of them Does heading in his direction, that way he knows when the doe is ready...
I think that may be one big advantage for you,, Peak rut and look for the Doe's...
I'm not a pro but all them self proclaimed pro's will tell you, Patience and persistence is what makes the difference... Good Luck to ya

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