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Frontier heres it is plain and simple thats total bs.Mathews does have alot of advertising but is that why there bows sell?Your gonna tell me Matt Mcpherson didnt make alot of innovations in the archery world and its not a quality product.A bow company or any company doesnt stay in business on advertising alone.I dont own a TC but do they stay in business on advertising alone.Dont you think they might make a quality product? Just because you endorse cva or whatever dont make blanket statements.If you had the number one archery company you can afford to advertise doesnt that make sense.Im a mathews shooter but there are many fine bows (hoyt,pse,bowtech,elite,etc) i dont try to ram mathews down anybodies throat.In any weapon find one you like and go with it.Just dont insinuate companies can sell a product on advertising alone cause thats nonsense.
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