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BB, well said. You and I have some years behind us and know some ML history at least since the 70's. However, even though I favor TC products, like many here, I own several brands, shoot and enjoy them too. Today many companies are competing for what once was a fairly limited market share for quality ml guns. As a testament to market variety, right here at this site, members report on their preferences and quality of their purchases. I enjoy the debate you and I have (TC vs Traditions) and appreciate fair reviews across the ml spectrum from all sources, I just don't like incorrect information posted which has absolutely no factual history to back it up. I never understood how anyone could say a certain product only sold because of hype and over advertising. I think most people would in short order be able to sort out fact from fiction and sales would plummet. That didn't happen with either TC or Mathews or for that matter any company that's still in business. Long winded this afternoon, I guess, and got my tail feathers ruffed up again! Shame on me I should know better by now.
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