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When someone seeks info on a product it would probably be best to let them know of the many choices they have to choose from and not just try to jam one particular brand/model at them, be it muzzleloaders or turkey calls.
Huntingman and I have poked fun at each other on muzzleloader brands for quite some time now but that's all it amounts to, it's just harmless fun between him and I, his preferred brand will kill deer dead as good as my my preferred brand and vice-versa and so won't any of the other brands.

The best answer to product make/model questions are the answers that let the buyers decide on what they want to choose and not what we want them to choose. I hammer the features, accuracy & price of my preferred muzzleloader brand,,, BUT,,, I also point out that "Other" manufacturers make muzzleloaders of equal quality and accuracy some are even competitive on pricing.
So the best answer to which muzzleloader to choose shoud be,
There are several muzzleloader manufacturers all producing affordable, accurate shooting rifles. The best thing to do would be visit a local gun-shop and hold/feel, shoulder each one in your price range because after all YOU, the buyer are the ones who will develop the trusting & confident life-long relationship with YOUR weapons.

Don't let anyone try to tell you this "Brand" is better than that Brand because each manufacturer is producing quality, accurate and "SAFE" shooting weapons.
It all boils down to what features you prefer and in what price range you want to shop in.
Good Luck and many, many happy, safe hunting adventures !!!

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