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thickets and funnels

thanks for the advice buckfever! I will look for the hot thicket, but with there being several, I'm not confident that I know what to look for. There are a couple of nice thickets and each are in the center of a finger of woods that run the edge of the farm land. There are actually 2 fingers and each are about 50 to 100 yards wide and run along opposite sides of a field. they run parellel from each other and make a "u" shape as they meet up as part of the "big woods". I hope that made since.
At any rate, each finger is very thick in the center and one has a creek bed running through. This is the area I hunt, but a little further in the woods so I'm not on top of them. There are also some "cutovers" that are close by, and the bayou area is very thick as well. As you might guess, this place is a hot spot, but I've had trouble locating the prime area with so many bedding area's and feeding areas. With the scrapes close to my stand and with the wind right, I should be in a good area. I'll just be patient.
2 more quick questions please:
1) can you shed a little light on the best way to hunt near scrapes?
2) can you school me a little more on funnels; the different types, what to look for, etc...the one I hunt is very easy to determine. It's were the bayou gets very narrow before widening out again. It makes a nice place for deer to cross to.
Thanks again for the help! Growing up, my dad didn't spend too much time hunting because the farm work required so much work. My grandfather taught me a little when I was a young buck, but soon got ill and wasn't able to hunt when I was mature enough to understand. I'm now in my 30's and everything I've learned has been trial and error. I can't thank you enough for schooling me and appreciate any help from other members. Take care.
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