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Keep in mind, I never said the cuddebacks weren't good cameras. I realize they take good pics but if we're talking about pic quality, my primos truth cam 60 has more mp than the cuddeback. I think cuddebacks only have 5mp????
Anyways, the bottom line is this.... my wife would kill me if I paid $250 for a cuddeback. KILL ME. Litterally. That's like 2 trips to wal-mart man....
you might have paid $130 for a cuddeback 5 years ago, but you aren't going to find one NIB for under $200 (ir).
TO each his own!
gfdeputy-- going out tomorrow to do a little shed hunting. Also gonig to put out my last WGI cam in a different location. I can't believe it's still half-way working. It doesn't take half the pics it should, so I put in the area I care the least about. Also going to pull the cards off my D55 and truth cam 60 tomorrow.. can't wait
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