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Tator I was tempted they really getcha on this one tiny neat looking Cam
I did not try it I actually took them off Craigslist & listed on EBAY one sold this afternoon & boxed the second one already

Spiker not to take any sides here but I do know a few people that spent the long dollar on the cuddies & have had a lot of problems with them we have 3 D40 cams that have been working without a hitch for 5 years now
I do agree to a point you get what you pay for but that is not always the case the D40's we only paid $90 ea for I am not one to spend $300 on a cam to leave out in the woods I don't need the best pic either just need to know what it is & when it is coming in
There are a lot of cameras out there now doing a great job at a reasonable price WGI is just NOT one of them
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