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I think it's also important for non-christians to realize that God doesn't care what you've done. NOTHING is too big or too bad for him to forgive. If you ask him for forgiveness and you repent (turn away from) your sin you will not be judged on it by him. God doesn't keep rubbing that sin in our faces over and over and over again. Once he has forgiven a sin, it's over, it's done with, PERIOD.
However, for those non-christians who do not ask for forgiveness and who have never accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you will be judged more harshly. Jesus makes it very clear that all will be judged on the acts of their lives here on earth. For example, Did you let Him into your life? Did you tell others about Him? Did you sacrifice things you wanted in His Name? When you are Christian, you have the blessing of his mercy and forgiveness to save you! He will still judge you on what you have done in HIS name here on earth, but for all the sins you have committed, they will be washed away white as snow.
That's what "scared" me into Christianity when I was 11! I kept thinking, "when I die, and I'm not a Christian, Jesus is going to judge me and he's going to ask me 'why didn't you believe in ME?' and what am I going to tell Him?" Jesus is a fair judge, you will get what you deserve from him. Take my advice, you have nothing to lose by believing in Jesus Christ. NOTHING. BUT you have EVERYTHING to gain!!!

James 1:2-8

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