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Originally Posted by milsaps118 View Post
I own both calibers, a Remington 7400 semi auto 30-06, and a Savage 111 bolt .270. Personally I like my .270 better than my -06. To me it feels better and shoots smoother than my -06. Recoil is about the same ,130 GR in my .270 -vs- 150 GR in my -06. Like BruceBruce said U have a wider range in cartrige choice in an -06, may be go to a gun range and see if you can rent both. Shoot 'em and then decide what you like better. Either way, both calibers are great for shooting deer.

U use knives and dogs to kill boar????? U CRAAAAAAZY

I own both calibers also and I prefer my .270 over my .30-06 too.
I was able to hit thumb tacks at 100 yards with my .270 I've never been able to do that with my .30-06

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