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Triumph over Tragedy

We triumph over tragedy through Jesus Christ. I know a family in my church in need of prayer. Good friends of my wife and I awoke to their house in flames over the weekend; Friday night, to be exact. Their three children are my god-children, including a newborn not two weeks old. Just about everything they own was either ruined by the fire, or ruined by the smoke and water.

Yet, as my brothers and sisters already know, it is times like these when the church rises up to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We took them into our home and, as early as Saturday morning, people from our church and other churches nearby were stopping by and dropping off all sorts of thing, from clothes to food to toiletries to toys. The pouring out of love and support was simply amazing, but not unbelievable .. because we all know what God is capable of.

Sunday morning, we all went to church, and the hands of God were still at work. An elderly woman who was placed in a wheelchair a few years back, had a one-story home built on her property to accommodate her new condition. She offered her old home, a gorgeous two-story farm house, to this couple who'd just lost their home. God is so, so good.

At one of the darkest points in their lives, the Light of Jesus shown brighter than they could've ever imagined, and by no strength of their own, they will make it through this unfortunate time. I truly believe that God brings us to our knees from time to time just to show us that we can't do it on our own. And then he builds us back up again, even better than before.

I wanted to share this story of the power God, and ask for your prayers for this family as they and their children adjust to a new place and a new start. Despite the love shown and the obvious presence of God throughout this trial, they're definitely still shaken, and their children are still scared. So if you all could join me in praying for peace and grace as they adjust, and for wisdom and strength to trust in God's plan for them as their lives continue to unfold as a true family of God .. I would truly be appreciative. Thank you.
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