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Wow gfdeputy... you sound like me, man! I say that all the time to my wife about everything that happens to me "can I just once catch a break!?!?!" She just laughs...

Anyways, if I were you I would call BA products today and ask them if they received my camera and if they had sent my new one out yet? Tell them you are trying to get scouting done and they're making it next to impossible. This will hurry them up a little. I once waited a month for them to send me a replacement so I called them and told this this story and I had the new one within a week.
Sorry to hear about the D55IR,,, did you buy it off of Ebay? Did the buyer say it worked??? If yes to both of these questions, you need to take action. Ebay has EXCELLENT buyer protection services. All you have to do is "start a dispute" or whatever it is they call it.
Not trying to rub it in.... but I never buy game cameras used via internet.... too many crooked people out there who love to scam others. This world is full of scummy people who take advantage of others. Let me know if I can help in any way!

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