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done that, need advise on how to sight it now

Been to the range today, spent some 4 hours loading and shooting. It's totally incredibly sweet and tight with any load from 30 gr to 70 gr of 3F. Unfortunately, it's 5 inches below point of aim (and 2 inches to the right) at 25 yards and not even on paper at 50 yards (unless I am not aiming at the top edge of target, than it's nearly dead center). Anyways, it's a Kentucky long rifle and it has fixed sights. Any ideas how to sight it and at what distance where it is supposed to hit the target?

More specifically, I've read an advice to print 3" high at 50 yards, but I love to start at 25. Where it should be at that distance to get to 3" at 50 and 0-2" at 100?

I shoot patched balls, if that matters... but will it be different point of aim for conicals?
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