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Hi Steve,
Welcome to the forum but also welcome to the rest of your life,forever and ever.
It looks like God put you in a place that you really didn't expect to be!
Isn't it funny how God works, as a matter of fact it is absolutely amazing and at this time I'm betting there is no where you would rather be than with those young up and coming adults.
It is really great that you enjoy your ministery and you are probably pretty good at it.
So you're not sure, you don't know if you can do it, perhaps a little tinge of fear of failure. Welcome to being a human and man.
I got news for you , you can't do it! at least not alone.
You are God's child so call on your Heavenly Father for wisdom and strength
through His son Jesus Christ. As a Son of the most High God power is yours to use, not because of anything we have done but what Christ did for us (all of us, everyone, on the tree at Calvary and the empty tomb) but we must call upon God for it. Yes God know all your thoughts but he simply wants to hear it from you because he simply wants to be treated like your best friend. Go to Him in prayer and simply ask, Lord is this your calling for me? And wait for the answer, but from what you have said you are one of the fortunate ones to whom the answer is pretty clear.
If God leads you to it, He will lead you through it!
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