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It sounds like you have a good read on youth of today. I am a teacher (elementary) and I love every minute of it. Kids these days have so many distractions. My wife and I have a 2 1/2 y/o and another on the way in Aug. My wife laughs at me all the time because I constantly tell her things we're "not going to do with our kids"! One big problem is the whole video gaming thing. Now, don't get me wrong, I think video games can be educational and fun, but where the problem arrises is when the child is CONSTANTLY playing one. To me, that is not a good thing. Same with the TV. I'm guilty as the next person on wathing that box! But alot of kids today are watching 4-5 hours of TV a day and that's with SCHOOL taking up part of the day. It's rediculous. I have told me wife time and time again, I'm going to take our kids outside alot. I love going out into the woods and just walking around. Walking through the creek, and even looks for animal tracks. My father-in-law and I do alot of arrowhead hunting. I love every minute of being outside. My father, whom I love dearly, took me outside alot and played alot of sports with me when I was a child and taught me alot about building things. I am a visual learner, I've watched him do so many things with his hands that alot of things come easliy for me. However, growing up we seemed to NEVER have a place to hunt. We went a few times here and there, and we even owed 10 acres, but it was all open land and no deer graced us with their presence, ever! So it wasn't until I met my wife that hunting became a big deal to me. My father-in-law is a cattle farmer and so he's got 500+ acres available. I hunt about half of that because he leases the other half out to "big city hunters". :) My love for hunting EXPLODED. If there is one thing in this life that I could honestly say I'm obsessed about it's hunting whitetailed deer. I also enjoy hunting turkey, but I haven't been doing that as long and have yet to take my first turkey. One thing I love about hunting is the getting up early and watching God's earth wake up,,, or for that matter go to sleep at night. It's awesome. Teach those youth that. It's an AWESOME thing. It's my goal to take my kids out whenever they want and show them a good time out in nature rather than sitting in front of the computer or TV.
Getting back to the distractions, you won't believe some things I have witnessed in the school I teach at. There are kids in 1st grade with CELL PHONES!?!!? There are Kindergarteners with $300+ video games. There are kids in lower elementary tell me all the time about the flat screen in their room at home! (I don't even have a flat screen in my HOUSE!!!!) I think parents today rely too much on other people to do the parenting for them. That's why when the kids are home they are "entertained" with their gadgets. To me, it's because the parents don't know what to do with them! It's an "easy out" for them. Now, that said, I have also seen many parents who allow their kids to have these things, but they also restrict how much time they can spend on them. This to me, is a good thing.

Getting to your question, my ministry is on here brother! I try to post things time to time on here to help anyone out. Like I said there are alot of good Christian Hunters on this website and I constantly feel uplifted by them. Everyone is extremely respectful and cooperative.
As far as Church, I'm an active member (along with my family) of my Church. We have an AWESOME "young adult" Bible study class every Sunday morning. (we all think it's funny that it's called young adult b/c we're all in our 30's!) But our teachers are absolutely Godly people. They are a husband and wife who truely live their life for the Lord. I have been blessed to have them as my Bible study teachers for over 10 years! My church is fair in size, not huge, but not small. My wife is sort of like you, she is a new Christian too. She was saved when she was 24 and she's now 29. She truely is a great wife and wonderful mother. All in all, my Church has that small town feeling because we are a very tight nit group. I have been praying for you Steve and I hope that you will always look upon the Lord for anything you may need. Your doing a great thing helping these youth out. You are also still at an age where you understand that generation. People in their late 30's and into their 40's get aggrivated at this generation of teens because they don't see things like they do. It is quite possibly, the toughest generation to "get through to". But I'm sure you do a great job and keep up the good work!

James 1:2-8
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