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Steve Luch
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Very small church, but my pastor is a longtime, talented hunter, himself. I'm sure he'll welcome the idea, as well.

It sure is harder to get the youth these days. Even at the youth conference, I had to take one of my kids' phones away because I looked down the aisle and caught him browsing the internet on his phone during worship. Internet on their laptops, their phones, Ipads. You named it. And if that's not enough, the ear plugs from the Ipods are always plugged in, I can't tell if they're listening to music or me. Lol .. They are just kids and, despite the fact that they seem to be tuned out a great deal of the time, they're still listening. More importantly, they're watching, even when we think they're not. That fact helps keep me accountable in my own actions.

And no worries about being surrounded by Godly people. My wife is .. amazing. She's been a Christian her whole life, like you, and excels at the very things I sometimes fail at. She's truly my other half. And the devil may fight a hard and furious fight, but it's because he knows his time here on this earth is short. ;-) Mm, I love that verse.

So, what is your ministry, Tator?
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