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Well I'm happy to see that you are leaving it in God's hands. That's the right thing to do. I think that would be great to get kids involved in that sort of thing in your Church! Especially since (it sounds like) your Church is a small country Church.
Kids today need to learn those things and many times mom and dad either don't want to teach them or have the time.

It's extremely exciting to be a new Christian- but I think you already know that! After a few years, in my early 20's, of being stubborn towards God and trying to do things my way, I changed. For the better! I realized most of my friends were steering me down the wrong road and that If I wanted to be the best husband and "future daddy" I could be, I needed to stop hanging out with them so much. Alcohol was the main thing. I wasn't a raging alcoholic or anything, but my friends and I did drink every weekend, both Fri and Sat nights. I just got tired of it. The hangovers, the disapointing my parents, the fact of having NO money because I spent it on alcohol (I was one of those people when I got drunk I bought alcohol for EVERYBODY!) That seemed ok, until morning time! But all in all, I felt myself moving further and further away from God. and that scared me.

Youth today have so many temptations, as you already know. They have things tempting them that I never DREAMED of when I was their age. Sounds bad, but when we were teens we didn't have cell phones, internet, or even dish network TV! Youth today are harder to "get to". Their lives are so full of peer pressure and people urging them to live the "worldly life" instead of the Christ-like life.

You truely are doing a great thing Steve and I admire you for that. I also strongly recommend the mentor thing as well. Even if it's an elder in your Church that you can talk to at any time. Maybe one of the deacons? Surround yourself with Godly people, especially when Christianity is new. The devil fights a hard battle to get you back!

James 1:2-8
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