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It's funny, but I'm not entirely surprised that a lot of people are both Christians and hunters. Since I became a Christian, I've had this keen interest in hunting and owning firearms, and I'm not sure where it came from. But I also feel like I'm doing another small part to keep this country rooted to the beliefs under which it was founded ... Under God ... by voting, hunting, supporting the second amendment. None of these things I really cared about before I was saved. I'm not really sure why...

I just want to thank both of you, Timber and Tator, for your welcomes and encouragement. Tator, your advice was great and I will certainly be using it as I begin to figure out where I'm going with this. Especially the part about not being disappointed if I'm not chosen. I don't know that I won't be, but I won't fly off the deep end. This, I promise. :) No, in fact, I already have ideas in place, whether I'm a youth pastor, or simply lending a helping hand. I'd love to utilize my new love for hunting somehow when thinking of activities. Perhaps teach them archery, or skeet shooting after a lesson. Living in the country, these things are available to me ... and it would be exciting to get the kids involved in such things, and see where it goes.

I will certainly be praying about this; not that I'm chosen, but simply that God helps me understand exactly what I'm supposed to be doing with my walk. I appreciate your prayers, and look forward to getting involved on this forum. I like it already. :)
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