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Hi Steve, tator here. First off welcome to this awesome site. I find it uplifting to talk to fellow hunters and Christians on this site. I think you'll be surprised like I am at how many are both on here!
I have been a Christian nearly all my life. I accepted Christ as my savior when I was 11y/o and I am now 30. Though it seems like I have been a Christian for 19 years, I did go through rough patchs in my life. That's another story for another day...
I completely understand your problem and concerns. The first thing you need to realize (and you probably do) is this, just because you are a Christian that doesn't mean you won't have struggles and tough times ahead. I'm sure you have already experienced these in short amount of time as a Christian. The difference now is that your faith is in Jesus Christ. I ask you and beg of you, to never turn away from Christ. As a new Christian it is easy to fall back into the ways of your non-Christian life. I have seen this so many times at the church I attend. We'll have new Christians show up and get baptized and then within a couple years they're gone, out living their life the way it used to be because God failed them some how. And that's completely not the truth. So from this point on, as your Brother in Christ, I ask you to put your full trust and faith in Christ and awesome things will happen in your life. Even if you have not experienced the blessings of God's love for you in incredible ways yet, it will happen. The thing I have learned from being a mature Christian is this,, be patient. God will answer all prayers... in HIS time. And he answers ALL prayers... but the answer may be NO. As a Christian God has YOUR road map already laid out. He knows all about you and knows what's best for you.
Getting back to your situation... If I were you I would pray about this whole heartedly. It is very common for new Christians to get involved in many ways in the Church REALLY fast after they have been saved. This is GREAT. Don't get me wrong. But where the problem lies is when a task is taken on by a new Christian and then not completed. You have to realize you will be (and already are) a person of faith that young people look up to. You have young eyes upon you and that is a very scary thing. Many new Christians can't handle that. From what you have said about taking the youth to the conferences, it seems as though you have handled this well. The position of youth minister is probably the most important in a Church, in my eyes. You have the opportunity to change young lives. These young people are SO ready and willing to be MOLDED into Christian adults and you have the chance to do this! That is extremely exciting! If you do decide to accept this position I would strongly recommend speaking with your Senior Pastor on a daily basis and having him serve as your Mentor. I would also strongly recommend getting another youth minister in another church to serve as your mentor as well. These men will truely help and guide you through the struggles in your life and the lives of the youth. Don't for a second think you can do this all on your own... nobody can. You are doing a Godly thing that is for the sole purpose of spreading God's word!
The other side of this situation is this: and this is what scares me, don't be disapointed if the Pastor doesn't pick you for this position. God knows how much work you have done with these youth. He knows your place in the Church. Maybe God's plan is to have you help out and get more familiar with this position through another youth minister. All in all, pray that you have no hard feelings if they do hire someone else for the position. All that will do is allow the devil into your thoughts, mind and heart- and there's no room for him there.
I'm extremely happy to have met a new Christian. I look forward to talking w/you more on here! Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or want to talk. As everyone on this forum knows, my ears are always open. Now I'm not promising that I know everything about Christ or the Bible, but I'll sure help and use my resources to help!

God Bless!

James 1:2-8
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