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Originally Posted by hunt NH View Post
Tator. i dont believe that tithing to god has to mean giving $$$ to a church. i believe that if you give to a fellow christan in need, that you are giving to god by taking care of one of his childeren. im not saying that giving to the church is a bad thing. just that i dont think it is the only way. and i do agree that it dose not need to be a monitary donation. you talk about mowing the churches lawn. i think that $$$ you saved them should count towards your 10%. i also think that if an elderly, sick, or injered member out you church needs some help around the house, and you help them that is also time given to god. im no preacher that is just how i see things.

I'm glad you agree with me huntnh... I believe that giving money to the church is important, but that's not the only way. Many people can't give to the church the way I can (mowing, shoveling snow) so they give money. My wife and I give money and the other as well... but to me, it all adds up to my 10%. My main goal is to please God. It's not like my wife and I blow our money each month on stupid things. We spend our money wisely. We don't eat out much (maybe once a week or once every 2 weeks) and we don't splurge on things we don't need. Neither of us drink or smoke so we save alot of money that way too.
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