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Originally Posted by BruceBruce1959 View Post
I'm trying to help young hunters here with hunting tips and advice.
For the Record, I don't think human urine is alarming to Deer BUT why risk the hunt of a young hunter by offering risky advice?
SO,, I'll just say, it's safer to leave the scape alone and NOT pee in it..
Now don't you agree this is the safer advice to offer?
Safer?? Risky?? As us old timers know, deer are unpredictable. Almost as much as our wives. What I have found over the years (deer hunting and marriage) if you don't take some "risks", you ain't livin'. This is not one of those times. Peeing in a scrape will not ruin a hunt. That's not being risky or unsafe. Unless that deer is pushed out of the area, he will continue to visit that scrape until he no longer has use for you know.I just peed in a fresh scrape this weekend on Saturday evening. By Sunday evening, it had been freshened up. Now if I made a boom-boom in it....that might scare'em away.
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