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Why all the fuss about venison? It is one of the most flavorfull, nutritional meats available! Why all the concern about 'gamey' taste??? I have been eating venison for 40 years, and I can't recall any incidence of any 'gamey' taste. That includes deer harvested from the U.P. of Michigan to the southern valley of Texas. So. What do you do? You gut your deer immediately after shooting it. You gut it properly. You ensure that you get it cooled down as soon as possible (e.g., pack stomach cavity with ice after gutting), and get it to your PROFESSIONAL processor, ASAP, so it can be aged properly before butchering. Ensure that you choose your processor (or, if you butcher it yourself, you know what you are doing), wisely. Then, you take your meat home and cook it much the same as you would cook beef, unless you prefer a more rare venison, in which case you remove from heat a little sooner than you would beef. End of story. It really sickens me to hear of all these suburban housewife recommendations about 'gamey' meat, when, in reality, the fault lies in the cleaning/processing, NOT in the natural condition of the meat!!!!
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