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Hey, I'm sorry for not mentioning it here. It's a Kentucky long percussion rifle from Cabela's made by Pedersoli. It has 1:48 twist and I plan to take it shooting next weekend to a range with a powder charge, ball, patch and black powder. My question was which ones are best to buy as a starting point, so that I am reasonably close...

I think I shall try to use 3F powder for its hotness and economy (same price for either, so why not to go with a hotter one). I will try to downplay loads for target practice (it should be considerably good at 25-50 yds with only 30gr or so) as well as up-play loads to see how it handles up to its maximal recommended load of 70 gr of 3Fg for the round ball (I doesn't sound a lot I know, but that's what a book said for maximum recommended load in 3Fg...).

Next, I will find a good combination for a hunting load with Hornady Great Plains Bullet with as much powder as it can handle well and same POI as a round ball at target round (I don't know if that's an achievable goal, if not I'll just go for anything persistent).

I guess once I have a good tight hitting combination of ball/patch and powder, I will have a good standard for testing different combinations of conical bullets and maximum loads for hunting. If I would be able to get them to the same point of impact as a target round, that would be ideal (if that would mean to increase target load or patch thickness, that I will do). And then, well, that's where fun begins, ain't it gentlemen?
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