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here in kentucky a male turkey is not a tom untill his beard is over three inches, meaning 3 inches and under is classified as a jake during harvest check in. and to me the first two in your pics were both toms, i would guess the first one at a two year old bird (looks like about a 5 inch beard)and the one on the right as a three to four year old bird (it looks like around an 8 inch beard) and the other pic would be a jake looks like hes right at about three inches.
and like said a dent in the middle of an open fan usualy is a dead give away for a jake. i have pet turkeys and can say that from some reason when they shed their old feathers the younger males keep their middle feather till the reas are over half way grown. and buy the time the others are grown the middle feather is still usualy still around 3/4 to an inch shorter leaving a dead tell tell of his age in his fan.
my tom is 4 years old and has a 9 1/2 inch beard and its about 1 inch in dia (realy thick beard) but he is feed high protine breaders crum year round and doent have to scavange like the avarage wild bird.
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