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Well our deer opener was on 11/03/07 and I got the chance to put the Remington 130gr AccuTip's to the test! I had a nice doe come out in the clover field I was set up on at 294yrds towards the evening. I ranged her again as she came in a little closer at 256yrds. She pretty much stayed there. It was getting close to sundown, so I made the decision to try and take her. I ranged her again, and now she was even closer at 190yrds. I took the shot, got off a good smooth break on the trigger and WACK! Wrote her a parking ticket right there! My first time deer hunting with a .270 win. The bullet went through her right side just behind the shoulder, took out both lungs and part of the heart, exited through the left shoulder blade and made an exit hole almost the size of a golf ball! I was really impressed with how these bullets performed for my first kill using this gun and load. For this year anyway I think I'm going to stick to these Remington Premier AccuTips.

Good Luck Fellas!
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