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Any TC ML is a quality product period. I have a TC older Fire Hawk in-line and a TC Triumph in line. I'm not familiar with the Omega line, just do your homework. With that said, take a look at Tradition's top end ML, which is a Vortek I believe, and at least make comparison, if you go with the Omega you won't go wrong. To make things real easy, 50 gr pellet powder (2), 250 gr TC shock wave bullets with the super shock wave sabots, and 209 primers. This is a pretty good way to start off and may end up being your rifle's best shooting load?? I shoot Black Horn loose powder at 100 grs, CCI 209 shot gun primers. With a good scope, these new ML rifles will shoot out past 200 yds with practice. When loading with pellets you do not want to crush them by too much ram rod pressure. Just seat them snug, this takes some range shooting to develope the touch. Your buddies will help you in this area. Good luck on your purchase. Put a good ML scope on whatever you get.
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