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You can not go wrong with a TC product.

They are very accurate. Easy to disassemble and clean. You should not have to do any work to it to get it shooting accurate etc.

An inline is a simler ML to operate than your old style front stuffers. Would make a great first ML.

I shoot a TC Triumph with 2 pryodex pellets and a 245 gr TC shockwave. I am sure there are better powders out there and bullets but this combo has always worked just fine for me. Accurate enough and heavy enough to drop any deer with decent shot placement.

When you think of ML's think of clean!!!!! Very important to clean these type of weapons after every outing at the range. A clean ML means alot less chance of misfire. I have never had a misfire out of my TC and the only reason I had a misfire out of a Knight ML I had was because I had fired a lot of rounds out of the barrel before cleaning. (the nipple clogged up)

When you purchase your ML ask someone that works there to give a crash course is taking it apart, loading it, etc. Much easier for someone to show you in person that type of stuff.

You will have to buy some powder, bullets, and primers of some sort. (depending upon what type you buy)
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