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Well.. A nice buck showed up Tues at around 10:40.. He was hauling butt chasing a doe below. I seen the doe go over a hump and knew I had to stop the buck before he disappeared over the same hump. He didnt want to stop. Once he did I could see his rack over a rise so I stood up to see if I could get his kill zone. I got a bunch of limbs instead. SO I half stood. Put the crosshairs on the spot and pulled the trigger. I MISSED!!!! Never found blood, hair or anything. Thats with 2 of us looking for around an hour.

Im blaming the half stand on the miss though it could have been limbs that threw the bullet off a bit as well. Im gonna guess it was about a 80-90 yard shot.

Gives you that sick at your stomach feeling when you do that. Hopefully he will be running back through Thursday. I will not miss a deer on Thursday. Last day of hunting for me.
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