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I realize I'm not doing the "pick 'em" game, but wanted to add something to this conversation... Did anyone see the K-State/Syracuse game played at Yankee Stadium? Basically what happened is a kid caught a pass and ran it in from about 30+yds away. At the end of the play (touchdown) he did this big salute to the crowd and 2 refs flagged him for it. Now, hear me out.... I AM WITH THE REFS! I got so ticked off at those ESPN commentators and the ESPN guys on sportscenter. They said things like "HOW CAN A REF CALL THAT IN THIS BIG GAME?" and "THAT WAS THE STUPIDEST CALL OF THE YEAR" and "THAT REF WILL REGRET EVER THROWING THAT FLAG!" Here's my point.... If you want to talk about stupid... look at the kid who saluted. It is in PLAIN english in the rule book that you cannot do ANY sort of gesture (and saluting is a gesture) towards the crowd, teammate, or other team. HECK the K-State QB even said after the game that they all knew they can't do that in a game!!!! But here we have adults making excuse for college kids. If you ask me, those refs didn't lose that game for K-State, that kid did. PERIOD. He was stupid enough to do something he wasn't supposed to. OH MY, just had a thought.....maybe this is why kids now days act like they do... mom and dad stick up for them even if they commit murder! That kid who saluted said after the game that the ref ran by him and said "WRONG CHOICE BUDDY". and that's exactly RIGHT. it was a CHOICE that kid made and he should be the one feeling like he let his team down. It just really makes me upset with adults stick up for kids when they do something BLATANTLY WRONG.

BTW... i have nothing against saluting.

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