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Originally Posted by buckfever View Post
Inatizzy welcome to the site. its not that we dont like other hunters sharing their thoughts and we realize some hunters have been doing this "smoking up" thing for awhile. This topic has just been over discussed by all of us here. whitetails_ent only looked for post where he could post something concerning his scent smoker. When he first joined he only spammed the website. Spamming is illegal and I should have banned him from the beggining. It finally got old and members got tired of hearing about it. This is a website for the hunter. Not a place to grind your product in the ground to try and make a sell.

Make yourself at home on the site. Please visit around the forums and reply to whatever interest you.
Ahhh....gotcha....spammers can definitely ruin a site....BUT....what if I want to talk about a pair of boots I love made by so and so?? Or a new grunt call?? Or a new bow?? These are all tools that we need to help us hunt. Some are better than others and it's always nice to hear about the product and the results....don't we?? I'm not condoning Whitetails antics here, I'm just wanting to understand the rules of engagement. I would hate to be banned from the site because I'm trying to help out other hunters. I've been hunting a long time and have seen more than some will see in their if "pimping" a product is a bad thing, maybe this isn't the best place for me to be. I like helping out new hunters and educating the ones who think they know it all. We will never know it all. I'm still learning every time I go into the woods.....but I've seen a lot.....a lot of products that simply don't work.....and products that definitely do work. One thing I do know....smoking your clothes is, unfortunately for me...HA!, going to be the next big thing that will spread like wildfire over the next few years. The die-hards will steer clear of it only because they don't like change and will be "defiant". But more and more will switch over to it rather quickly. It's all over the net now and people are talking. I've seen one of these scent smokers and they look good. Smaller than the originals so that makes them more compact. I still use an old contraption I made years ago. Made the darn thing outta steel.....what the heck was I thinking??? Darn thing gets HOT! I guess I could buy one them smokers but I have an attachment to mine. It's killed me lots of deer.Anyhoo........never heard of this pine sol thing. Sounds funny....but so does smoking your clothes. I ain't switchin'!! Smoke is the way to go for me.Thanks for the welcome.

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