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I wanted to be able to post up some pics when I took it to the range but the weather hasn't been cooperating at all but first I removed the scope rings and upgraded to see thru scope mounts, I like having the option of open sights for close range shots.
So far I've only put 6 rounds through it, nothing spectaular surrounding my first 6 rounds as they were only to help get the scope sighted in however, my last 2 shots were only about 1/8 inch apart @ 50 yards my next trip i'll move out to 100 yards and fine tune it there...

But everything went very well, I didn't have to do any swabbing between shots, I was shooting 2=50grain Triple 777 pellets with 250Gr Shockwaves but now I have some 250Grain Traditions Smackdown SST's for my next trip to the range. I'll keep you's posted

PS The trigger is amazing and the balance on the Vortek is something every shooter needs to feel.

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