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Comes down to the old Chevy, Ford, Dodge ect. I am most familiar with TC products, yes they do cost more but like I've said in the past, in firearms especially, you get what you pay for. Please don't buy into the hype that TC cost is all advertising, it's bull s.... They probably make the very best production ML on the market. Just go on line and look at resale TC products vs all the rest. My second pick would go to Traditions and one of their top of the line rifles. My TC fire hawk has a nickel/stainless barrel and it's over ten years old without a weather mark on it. I'm sure Traditions new coatings would serve you well also. Just spend a few extra dollars and pick a higher end model in whatever make ML you choose and put a good scope on it if legal in your area and you'll be very happy in the long run.
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