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Originally Posted by FrontierGander View Post
my main concern would be the INSIDE of the bore where it actually matters. Its kind of like what our mothers used to say " it doesnt matter what the girl looks like on the outside, its the inside that matters" I never bought into that lie but for a gun, its true.
I realize this as I HAVE BOTH, the stainless rusts faster than steel trust me I live in the norteast and the weather is foul more than not during hunting season. Stainless is a waste of money as long as the bore and rifling is quality and maintained properly there is truly no need for stainless. Not trying to doubt anyones knowledge but time in the field has proven to me that steel is as good and easier to clean up if rusty than stainless. Personal preference i suppose but stainless is a waste unless you are dousing it in saltwater!
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