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The only legal choices for deer hunting where I live are shotgun, handgun, & muzzleloader. I have taken deer with all of the above. When I really want to get seriious about filling the freezer, I grab my old .20 ga Ithaca Deerslayer. This is a smoothbore, rifle sighted gun & I have always shot Remington Sluggers through it. In my younger years I used to hunt with open sights, but have had a scope mounted on the barrel of this gun for quite a few years now.
I like the .20 ga because it shoots a little flatter than the heavier .12 ga slugs but still has plenty of knock down power. (too many people suffer from "magnumitis") I have the gun sighted in at 75 yards, but can aim dead on at ranges from up close out to about 100 yards. Realistically though, most of my deer are taken within 30 yards.
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