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Interesting.. Rdrader that example #2 really gets me. If we have no right to self defense what right do we have? It would seem if that law was passed and enforced the armed citizen would be basically useless. Im an American. Just like 99% of our judges and lawyers. I cannot understand how an American judge and or jury can find a law abiding citizen guilty of self defense.

For example. An armed robber,rapist or whatever breaks into my house. he notices a 12 gauge pump pointed at his forehead and starts firing in my house. Could a jury convict me of murder for trying to protect my family. I would certainly hope not. But in todays messed up, non God fearing society you never really know.

Timberghost, I would have been one of those in your town taking up for the cashier. I have never been in that situation and can't say how i would react from experience but we all know.... #1 the guy was scared. He just got done wrestling with an armed robber to take his gun. #2 He felt threatened by the guy he shot at. Also the same man that just had a gun to his head. #3 Who knows if the armed robber was going back to his vehicle to get another gun. Alot of folks would have done the same thing. Maybe myself included. I think that has to be looked at as self defense.

Some days i wish i was a judge. Just so their would be one more out there that cracked down on the crack heads, murders, rapist and all the other dirt that do not deserve freedom. If we had laws like we used to have there would be alot less crime and turmoil. Think about in the old days. You murder someone and your hung from the town square. With that law we would not have these repeat offenders. You steal something with your hands and get your hands cut off. With that law you dont have worry about them stealing anything else. I could go on and on with this so i will shut-up. One last thing though. If murderers were treated the same way they treated their victims our taxes would be lower. I am tired of supporting the low lifes.
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