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Default First trip to the range with BH209

Yesterday was my first trip to the range with BH209 and Winchester W209 primers. Last year I was shooting 2 777 pellets and 250 grain Shockwave Superglide. I made up some 100 grain loads of BH209 and the shoots weren’t hitting where they were last year. Adjusted the scope and got it closer to dead center. BTW I was shooting at 50 yards. I could not get the Shockwave’s to hit consistently at all. I had some 245 grain Powerbelt areo tips left so I tried those and the first shoot was dead center bullseye. So I shot another one and it was about an inch to the right. Shot another and it was about an inch low from the bullseye. Now I have read enough posts to understand that there is a difference between a range bullet and how one performs in the field so my question is stick with the Shockwaves or the Powerbelts? Also for the first time since having my Triumph I did not need to swab after each shot what a windex patch! The Shockwaves weren’t easy to load but I was able to get them to the same spot on the rod, but the Powerbelts were so easy I could almost have my 5 year old load them. Ohio ML season is still about a month away so I have some time to figure out what to use but wanted to get started now testing.
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