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Apex - 360 minie testing

Well its nice and sunny and warm here today. A big step up from the past 2 days.

I wanted to try the unlubed 360gr lee minies in the Apex again with 70gr BH209, W209 primer. Group was a big pooper at 50 yards.
Due to not lubing them, reloading was smooth and easy now! No stickiness or gummy feeling. Perfect! I may retry them here with 80gr pyrodex pellets and see maybe if a different powder will work with them instead.

Switching to 100gr pyrodex pellets, w209 primer and i scrounged up TWO 295gr Aerotip Powerbelts i figured what the heck, worth a try to see how they shoot.
They shot pretty darn good!

With the W209 primer i did have a bit of a soft crud ring to push through when seating the next bullet. Very doable in the field but once i UBC this bore, it should no longer be an issue.

Target with all the shots on it.

Man its been a long time since i shot that stinky stuff! I can taste it in my mouth after only shoot 2 rounds LOL.

Now its time to clean the Apex and get some powder tubes ready with the 50-50 / 50-30 pellets and see how the minies will do.
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