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Buy a reloading manual and read it...

I recommend that you visit a couple of gunshops in your area and check out their reloading manuals. All the major manuals have a couple of chapters on how to reload. Some are written better than others. Compare in the store and bring one home. The most important thing is ask while you are in the store if they offer free classes/seminars in reloading. I have several gunshops that I know of that offer the classes a couple of times a year because it makes sense to show shooters how easy it is to load your own. I have taught a half dozen shooters to reload and it was fun for both them and me while I was doing it. Two things I like to instill in new reloaders is that it is something that you need to be not distracted while you do it. Watching football or nascar while you load is in my opinion a bad idea. The other is if you want to load hotter than the factory loads ammo you can get into trouble. Manuals are conservative, that is a good thing. Some rifles/pistols may have a tight chamber or bore. This will cause the pressure to be higher than what they saw with the test fixture. Expect to load accurate ammo that provides similar velocity to the ammo you can get loaded from the factory. The new Superformance ammo is not reproduceable without getting the special powder not available to reloaders. I like basic single stage presses, they can be either c type or o type. I think that all reloaders need a beam scale to accurately verify their powder charge. I also think you need a powder measure so that you don't need to weight every powder charge, it really slows up the process.

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