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Originally Posted by buckfever View Post
Hunter177 your a friggin genius.. Nice post above..

I have thought for awhile now that Frontier Gander is associated with power belts and whatever that brand muzzleloader he shoots as well. As much as he sings the praises of the brands he likes is kinda of a tell all. I have my favorite brands but thats not all I post about. Every post you have is singing the praises of your ML or your mighty powerbelts. (which on the powerbelts I have shot them at targets and taken deer with them but was not happy at all with their performance.) If your in love with them thats fine but SHEESH we have heard that from you already.

No need to argue back with me or tell me why powerbelts are great. I've stated my piece and am done.
I have to agree with all the above. I have used bore butter for storage every since I have had a MZ. Never had a bit of rust in a barrel, swab it out for hunting and put it back in after the season is over. Powerbelts suck in my opinion. Hornaday 300XTP is the only way to fly.!!!!

Man I take my eye off the site for a couple of hours and look what happens.

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