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I hunt/live in southern Jefferson County. As far as the Traditions frenzy, I think it is the low entry cost for a decent rifle. (Most guys I know are Bowhunters by choice, but are shotgun/muzzleloader by circumstances beyond control. For example; after the first day or so of gun season, everything is locked down and if you aint driving deer, they aint moving.) We all have shotguns for small game and slug barrels for deer season but not alot of us are willing to drop the cash into T/C grade muzzleloader that might get used the weekend of ML or at best the week of shotgun season. I do have some friends that wouldn't be caught dead shooting anything but a frontstuffer but most the guys I know just aren't that serious about it........Also if you hunt Athens Co., have you seen the the 3 bucks found locked together down there. I have the pics of it but was wandering if anyone down the has the real story on it.

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