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You MODERATORS are breaking forum rules and attacking your own members!

I have offered NOTHING but help to those in need on this forum, along with some fun pictures and stories to help keep this part of the forum alive with some type of action so we are not so bored.

Take this thread for example,
Question about misfires

You guys didn't even bother taking the time to ask the poster questions about the Rifle, Primers and especially the type of Powder he was using! Once i got that info, BINGO!! Heres what your problem is! You cant tell someone their powder must have gone bad when you don't even know what powder hes shooting!

Bore butter is CRAP! Its great for shooting patches, conical lube, and running into an oil finished wood stock. PERIOD! If you guys think it offers good rust protection, you tell yourself what ever makes you feel better.

I dont support bore butter, seasoning patches or pre saturated cleaning patches. Thats all a rip off and there are much Cheaper and BETTER home made cleaners available.
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