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Originally Posted by daddus1 View Post
I now try to understand, Jesus never promised that after someone becomes a Christian
that it is all good, but he does promise that if He leads you to it He will lead you through it.

Everyone should listen to Daddus, he's a man of God! What he said is true. In fact, I think my life now is at times tougher now than it was when I was a non-believer because I'm tempted alot to go astray. GOD puts us through struggles and hard times for a reason. He wants us to DEPEND ON HIM! You could sort of look at this as he is testing us daily! When something wrong goes on in your life, PRAY about it and ask for HIS help! If you truely need something in your life, PRAY about it and ask for his guidance and mercy.
PRAYER is the best medicine for anything! And always remember, GOD ANSWERS ALL PRAYERS!!!! --it may not be the answer you're looking for though... and it may not happen right away... GOD does everything in his time and his time only. Remember, GOD knows everything about you and what you need and who you truely are! He sees us at our best and our worst.

I have an interesting way to witness to friends/family next time you are with someone you know is not saved. While chatting with them (preferably 1 on 1) ask them "what do you think happens when we die?" You'll probably get alot of different responses from people. Some people think that everyone goes to Heaven (not true). Some people think we die and that's it, nothing more happens. Some people know they are going to hell and are ok with it (can you imagine?!?!) The fact is, many people don't understand the Bible and the Word of GOD. The Bible can be extremely confusing! It is our job as Christians to help explain it to them.

I have some close family "extended" family members who are not saved. It is a struggle for me to witness to them, because of stubborness or just plain lack of motivation on my part. The best witness you can be to someone is by living your life in a Christian way all the time. Let your co-workers see you not cussing, not looking at wrong pics at work, not being judgemental, and most of all BEING able to forgive! If you do this those "lost" people will see this. They recognize this. These actions are not of the evil one, they are of GOD. Now, that said, don't let this be your ONLY witness to them. One way I find that I can witness is talking about Church. Talking about people in the Church I admire. and most importantly talking highly about my Pastor and how he teaches the word of GOD! By doing all this, people know and see me as a Christian and the door gets opened to more important talks about JESUS CHRIST.

Living the life of a Christian is not easy. You will be tested daily, tempted sometimes every minute of everyday. BUT you have a life-line. YOU HAVE JESUS CHRIST! Trust in him and you will be ok, I promise. If you feel yourself getting ready to sin, PRAY. If you know you are going into an important interview, PRAY. If you hate going to work everyday, PRAY. If your kids are having troubles at home/school, PRAY. If your marriage needs repairing, PRAY. If you are depressed and think you have no hope, PRAY. YOU have to do it. GOD does not initiate PRAYER! YOU DO!

James 1:2-8

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