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Originally Posted by BruceBruce1959 View Post
"I opened a new container of the same powder sub. and have shot seven in a row without a misfire. Maybe the original container is bad but I am told shelf life should not be an issue."

Shelf life isn't usually a major concern but sometimes even the slightest humidity can cause problems and to me that's what it sounds like you may be having a problem with the powder you used may have become contaminated by moisture from humidity..
The container was sitting on the shooting bench for 15 minutes between the first two shots with the cap off. There were lite flurries and a temp of 12 degrees F. Could it have become contaminated that fast?

Also, the first half dozen primers may have been re-stocked into the pack after spending some time in my pockets last hunting season. Could they have been an issue? Or does the fact the bullet was getting pushed half way down the barrel cancel out any issue with the primers?
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