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Spiker I don't know how to explain this very well but if you're familiar with Iron skillets/frying pans there's a seasoning process to follow before using the pans and then after the pans have been used/washed over time you should repeat the process otherwise they don't work the greatest for cooking...

TC's Bore Butter and Traditions Wonder lube act pretty much in the same way seasoning the barrel for better performance, easier loading and easier cleaning.
Nowadays the newer muzzle loader designs along with production of less corrosive powders are so that Seasoning probably isn't required or necessary at all but I personally believe Seasoning a barrel reduces fouling, saves time loading and cleaning & promotes accuracy and more than likely extends the life of the barrel...

I use Traditions Wonder lube I don't think of it as a seasoning process, I think of it more as a storing lubricant and each time I use the muzzle loader I always run 1 wet patch and 1 dry patch before loading that way any Wonder lube residue that may have been in the rifling is cleared.
I hope this offers some sort of useful explaination for you..
Good Luck !!!

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