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Originally Posted by savageshooter View Post
hey everyone, i wanted to get your opinion on a little deer i got... its a 120 pound (dressed) spikehorn. obviously thats not GREAT but i thought it would make for some good eating. do you guys think so? it was running when i shot it so i really shoulded have taken the shot.. luckily it pierced the spinal cord. how are the rest of you faring? now ill just be going out with my dad till he gets his. good luck everybody!!
Congratulations Savageshooter !!! That's a GREAT DEER why think otherwise?

And Yes I'd bet it's going to be nice and Tasty..

I think too many Hunters are getting wrong Impressions by the Hunting shows on TV and the Hunting DVD's on the market.... Most of them Hunts take place on Farms/Ranches where the animals are fenced in and most likely Fed daily.

When you get a Deer on Open land That's a HUNT and don't let anyone try and tell ya different.. I hope you got some pics to show us
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