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I have used Tinks 69 many times over the years and I think it's great stuff if used at the right times (Who knows when that is?? lol) but the one time i'll never forget is when I was using on scent pads on my boots and as I headed towards my spot I kept hearing something as I walked and I was waking really slowly but the woods were loud that day (wind, leaves, birds etc. etc. ) All of a sudden I sensed something behind me and as I turned around this 6 pointer got spooked and ran faster than any deer I ever saw run I wanted to shoot but knew I'd just wound it so I didn't,, A couple hundred yards later some guy shot that deer.
I and a few other hunters went to see , one of the other hunters was telling me he saw me heading to my spot, then he saw the deer following me about 75 yards behind me, then he saw the deer run and then he heard the shot too.. That was when I knew the tinks 69 is what he was following. To make a long story short all them guy headed right out to the stores to find Tinks 69 because of what they just witnessed.... but again, I think if it's being used during the peak of the rut, I think it's unbeatable.

Good Luck

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