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Smile H&R Ultraslug All the way!

I've hunted NJ and Maryland both for two years and Ohio for one year. Where I hunt in all three states offers a combination of open woods and interspersed fields of 40 acres or so in size. I needed a gun and scope combination that would accomodate both and since the places I hunt are shotgun only, that limited my choice from the start. I opted to go with an H&R Ultraslug gun because I had the opportunity to shoot my brother-in-laws and was truly impressed at how tightly it grouped sabot slugs. I ended-up getting the H&R Ultraslug with the laminated thumbhole stock and a Nikon scope. I went to my local range to sight it in and to determine which sabot slug worked best in my new gun. I tried 3" Remington Accutips, 3" Winchester Supreme Partition Gold, the 3" Brenneke KO Sabot, and the 3" Federal Vital-Shok Barnes Expander. As you can see, it was not inexpensive to determine which sabot my gun preferred. Anyway, my new H&R Ultraslug preferred the 3" Winchester Supreme Partition Gold by a slight margin. I actually shot all the sabots pretty well but I wanted to use the one that preformed best. Well, two years and 7 deer later, I must say that as far as I am concerned, nothing . . . and I mean nothing beats the H&R Ultraslug for accuracy. Every deer was an instant "drop where they stood" kill. My furthest shot to date was 140 paces along the edge of an open field just after sunup. I was impressed to say the least. The H&R Ultraslug is a bit on the heavy side but it is funny how you don't notice that fact when you are gutting you deer! 7 shots from 20 to 140 paces - 7 instant kills - no trailing - no chasing - no missing . . . and the gun and scope combo cost me just under $400.00. Now you just can't dislike the gun when it consistently provides this kind of result can you?
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